Kwalika Ventures Limited is a firm of Architects, Planners and Engineers. The practice was incorporated in April, 2003, as an enteprise and later upgraded to limited liability company in July, 2007 to widen its scope of construction and to provide consultancy services in the fields of Architecture, Planning, Landscape Design, and also in the fields of Civil/Structural, Water, Environmental and Electrical Engineering, and Quantity Surveying and Industrial Development.

Wherever desirable, the practice would provide a consortium of professional personnel to undertake assignments of varying sizes and complexity, and offer full construction and consultancy services covering Technical and Financial Studies, Market Research, Project Proposals, Master and Sector Planning, Urban Infrastructures Designs, Detailed Architectural and Engineering Designs, Construction Cost Surveying, Land Surveying and Project Management. This would position the company to cover a vast range of projects in the practice.

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The practice's consulting approach recognizes the uniqueness of every client's needs and capacities. This requires the development of customized solutions for each client. The specific approach to any project is directed by a thorough analysis of the client's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, among other considerations. We bring to each project competent and experienced consultants to provide a high level of professional services with objectivity and integrity. Our total dependence on God, integrity/honesty, determination and hard work, coupled with the fact that we were able to learn from our mistakes while working with and for others in the past is the secret behind our resourcefulness and efficiency - hence our success.

Our mission is enshrined in our cardinal objectives which among others seek to:
- Make the vital difference in the quality of services that it provides.
- Articulate all available skills within its scope for the accelerated transformation of the nation's vast development potentials into economic reality.
- Assist public and private sector organizations in achieving set targets.

The practice has the capacity of taking any project from conception stage to completion of construction. Our in-house personnel encompass various disciplines to undertake research and planning, field surveys, preliminary and detailed designs, cost control and the monitoring of construction.

We generate complete finished plans and profile drawings required for construction. In all the areas of specialization, the practice offers:
a) Pre-feasibility and investment studies involving project identification and appraisal, data collection, environmental impact assessment, socio-economic impact on the community.
b) Feasibility and Project preparation - reconnaissance and preliminary survey on existing infrastructures and services, sample survey of available local natural resources.
c) Determination of economic and social viability of the project and viable scales of operation to rekindle and strengthen the economic base and potentials of the urban and rural centers to enhance the welfare of the residents.
d) Developing functional standards for infrastructures and the selection of appropriate processes and technologies to improve the quality of life of the urban and rural centers.
e) Planning of layouts and infrastructures with appropriate focus on short and long term resource management.
f) Establishing appropriate project management criteria, evolving functional Maintenance Schedules and Cost Recovery Mechanisms to achieve a high level of cost-effectiveness.

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